43. Gatha Ron
Stir fried with onions in special tomato sauce served on a sizzling plate
Beef £7.50 Mixed seafood £8.25,Chicken Thighs £7.50 Squid £7.95

44. Nam Mun Hoy
Stir fried in oyster sauce with vegetables
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

45. Phad Prig
Stir fried with spring onions, peppers, and hot chillies
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

46. Phad Gra Prou
Stir fried minced OR sliced meat with holy basil leaves and hot chillies
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75 Squid £7.95, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

47. Tod Gra Tiem Prig Thai
Stir fried in garlic and ground pepper
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75 Squid £7.95, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

48. Phad Kao Pod On
Stir fried with vegetables, baby corns and mushrooms
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

49. Priew Wan
Stir fried with pineapples, tomatoes and cucumber in sweet and sour sauce
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75 Prawns £7.95, Chicken £6.75 Fish (Red snapper) £7.95

50. Phad Khing
Stir fried with ginger, spring onions and mushrooms
Beef £6.75 Pork £6.75 Duck £8.25, Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

51. Him Ma Parn
Stir fried with cashew nuts and mushrooms
Chicken £6.75 Prawns £7.95

52. Goong Phad Num Pric Phao £7.95
Stir fried king prawns with shrimp curry paste, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and spring onions

53. Goong Phad Nor Mai Farang £7.95
Stir fried king prawns with asparagus and mushrooms

54. Phu Phad Pong Gra Ree £7.95
Stir fried crab claws with curry powder and eggs

Opening Times

The restaurant is open:
Monday to Saturday
12:00pm - 3:00pm
6:00pm - 10:30pm
12noon till 8:00pm

Pub is open 11am - 11pm

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Essex CM16 6PU
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